AALU: Charitable Giving Approaches Using Life Insurance

A Few Simplified Charitable Giving Approaches Using Life Insurance

As clients search for ways to make their year-end charitable contributions, a gift of life insurance may be an easy solution. A life insurance policy is easily transferable and, among other benefits, can provide a fixed-value gift with minimal administrative requirements, financial flexibility for the donor, and a highly favorable cost-to-benefit ratio. Simple options for giving a life insurance policy or the proceeds to a charity include: (1) a direct gift of a policy to a charity, (2) making annual gifts to a charity for it to purchase and pay premiums on a policy, (3) naming a charity as the policy beneficiary, or (4) adding a charitable giving policy rider. Each of these options may significantly enhance a donor’s ability to meaningfully provide for charity.

Regardless of whether clients desire to maintain control over a policy during life, foster an on-going relationship with charity, or make a one-time gift with no further attachments, combining simple gifting techniques with life insurance can enable charitably-minded clients to achieve significant philanthropic and tax planning goals at minimal investment and administrative cost.

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