Evan is Sapers & Wallack’s Treasurer & Vice President of Finance and Operations.  He has over a decade of success conducting the financial leadership, operations and human resources of venture capital, environmental construction, solar market consulting, employee benefits, insurances and investment advisory companies.

Evan brings a strategic CFO centric approach to every company he is involved in and truly invests his time finding new ways to improve their cultures, technologies and internal processes while simultaneously negotiating fair but profitable deals leading companies towards future growth.

In addition to having a strong business acumen, Evan also spends his time as the co-host on Radio Entrepreneurs and is an avid networker finding new ways to bring people together.  In his spare time, you will find Evan enjoying life boating out on the water, fishing, leading hikes up in the NH mountains and practicing his golf swing.

Evan holds his Masters of Science in Accounting from the University of Massachusetts Amherst – Isenberg School of Management and continues to stay engaged in current events continuously learning every day.

Lover of:

Hiking, Kayaking, Fishing, Snowboarding, Classic cars

Passionate about:

People helping people; Providing financial services to help others achieve their goals; Self improvement

Greatest accomplishment:

Obtaining my Master’s in the Science of Accounting

On the nightstand:

Family photo

Favorite quote:

You must be the change you wish to see in the world