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Rob Simons

Senior Retirement Consultant

Rob Simons is a Senior Retirement Consultant at Sapers & Wallack.  Rob has spent 30 years helping companies of all sizes in a variety of industries, from innovative solution providers to manufacturing and nonprofit educational facilities, achieve their retirement plan goals. His approach to governance, operational compliance and plan design is summed up by one question – “How does this help the participants retire with dignity?” Rob believes that a win/ win/ win situation with the client, recordkeepers and our participants is always attainable.

Rob has held leadership positions with some of the largest retirement recordkeepers in the country.  He brings this experience to our clients allowing him to manage projects in all aspects of plan design, operational compliance and governance. Whether starting a new plan, merging a new group of employees into an existing plan, or updating a plan to take advantage of the latest industry trends and legislative changes, Rob leverages his expertise, in working together with you for a long-term, successful outcome.

Rob received his Batchelor of the Arts from Syracuse University. 

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