Despite changing times and women becoming more engaged and empowered, there are still many who want to be more conversant or would like to increase their knowledge when it comes to financial wellness. Over the next decade there will be a significant shift of wealth as women are expected to inherit almost $30 trillion in intergenerational wealth* and 90% of all women will be solely responsible for their own or their family’s finances at some point in their lives**. Now more than ever, it’s critical that women take an active role in financial education so they can make educated decisions on their financial future. We are here to help.


* Women-as-the-next-wave-of-growth-in-US-wealth-management.pdf (
** The Best Financial Advice “Secrets” of Wealthy Women | Truman Wealth Advisors

Sapers & Wallack: Webinars

Our team at Sapers & Wallack has created an in-depth series of webinars to help women become wise about wealth. Please check out the recordings of this series, and also find some useful resources (links below).

We welcome one-on-one conversations about your own specific situation as well.

Womenology: Webinars

Be sure to check out more resources and recordings of webinars on financial wellness for women. Recorded in partnership with Womenology.

Meet Your Sapers & Wallack Partners

Meet Sapers & Wallack’s Aviva Sapers who will be leading you through the “Women Getting Wise About Wealth” series.  

Aviva Sapers

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