Aviva Sapers speaks at Boston Chamber of Commerce’s Thrive conference for small businesses

Aviva Sapers speaks at Boston Chamber of Commerce’s ‘Thrive’ conference for small businesses

The Boston Chamber is passionate about the advancement of small businesses and hosts ‘Thrive’, the conference for small businesses in Boston on Oct. 26th.

Our principal and CEO, Aviva Sapers, was invited to share her expertise and experience about the best ways to navigate health insurance for small businesses. 

The current healthcare insurance market has been called the most unstable in modern history, a situation worsened by the continued debate in Washington about the future of the Affordable Care Act. Small businesses continue to cite healthcare as a critical issue, second only to jobs and the economy. In fact, studies have found that only half of the country’s smallest businesses offer health coverage due to increasing costs.

Aviva and the other panelists will discuss how small businesses can balance the rising cost of healthcare, the viability of their companies, and most importantly, the protection of their greatest asset: their employees.

Join us for this event in Boston on October 26th and register here