Is Your Business Prepared to Survive The Loss of an Owner or Key Employee?

Sustaining a business over time is exhilarating and stressful. You have worked hard to create a deep relationship with your customers, and they trust your people and practices. However, staff disruptions can damage your bottom line.

As a third-generation business ourselves, we have a deep understanding of business continuity planning. We want to share our experience with you to help you create a succession plan and have the difficult conversations that have to happen while you still have time to plan. What happens if an owner dies? Are there key people who need to be encouraged to stick around to take over the role of management? With proper planning you can help mitigate these risks.

Services Include

Planning for Tax-Efficient Business Transfer at Retirement, Death, Disability or Termination

Business Indemnification for Loss of Key Employee

Inheritance Equalization

Retention Programs for Key Employees

Loan Indemnification

Creative Business Purchases Using Life Insurance

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