What Are The Best Strategies For Minimizing Risk?

We work as a partner to non-profit organizations to help them minimize potential risk from some charitable initiatives like Charitable Gift annuities while also providing creative concepts to help them raise more money. We also help encourage donors to consider charitable donations and its tax advantages as part of their estate planning.

Goals Of Our Charitable Strategies Are:

Help Planned Giving Departments Raise Significant Funds by Better Cultivating Donors
Help Donors Give Away Money More Intelligently
Educate Donors and Development Officers on the Value of Endowment and Ways to Kickstart that Using Insurance Vehicles
Provide Potentially Greater Levels of Useable Income in a Steady and Predictable Fashion
Mitigate High Risk Factors Around Insurance Policy Donations and Charitable Gift Annuities

The Secret To Charitable Gift Annuities

We invite you to a video demonstration of how to use Charitable Gift Annuities for fundraising to guarantee a profitable outcome.  

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Using Endowments for Sustainable Giving

There are multiple ways of creating an endowment, though doing so may not be right for every nonprofit organization. Check out our blog post to learn more.


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