Your Strategic Partner In Retaining Your Executives

To retain, reward and incentivize key executives, you need a competitive executive compensation package. We design benefit strategies to optimize executive income, retirement savings, and estate tax protection –all while minimizing costs to your company.

Our team becomes your strategic partner. We work closely with you to review alternatives, focused on achieving your unique goals through every phase of the process.  In addition, we educate your executives to help them understand and appreciate their benefit options.

Services Include

Consult, Design, Communicate, and Administer Plans

Analysis of Executive Benefit Needs and Goals

Create “Golden Handcuffs” for Executives

Partner with Legal and Accounting Advisors or Introduce You to Trusted Advisors to Ensure the Compliant Execution of Your Plan

Work with Finance Officers and Key Executives to Address the Tax Consequences of Alternative Programs

Coordinate with In-House Financial and Administrative Staff to Set Up Programs Correctly

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Case Study

Case Study: Oxfam – Customized Executive Benefit Solution


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