Financial Wellness Programs for HR Efficiency & Employee Engagement

Amid “The Great Resignation” and looking ahead, proactive businesses need to implement benefit programs that prioritize employee wellbeing and foster a sense of belonging. Robust Financial Wellness Programs have proven to be a cost-effective method to help address the issues of employee attrition and an unpredictable economy.

To answer the need and move beyond the limitations of traditional wellness initiatives, Sapers & Wallack has partnered with WellCents to provide a custom end-to-end Financial Wellness Program that drives participant engagement far higher than the industry average. With the WellCents online financial wellness toolset as the baseline, Sapers & Wallack will work directly with you and your employees to integrate, onboard, and scale to your needs:

      • Assess group and individual goals
      • Run informationally targeted group sessions
      • Offer one-on-one meetings with Sapers & Wallack Financial Advisors
      • Track and measure engagement and success rates

This approach to financial education marks a fundamental shift in workplace cultural engagement—giving employees long-lasting benefits that empower them to take ownership of their financial lives and interaction with the workplace.

Take a look at the video below which will give you a much broader overview of the Sapers & Wallack/WellCents offering.

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