Make Your Retirement Plan Easy for You and Your Employees

Sponsoring and maintaining a retirement plan can be challenging. Our solutions bring together a team of professionals on your behalf so you can focus on running your business, not your retirement plan. By participating you will experience:

        • Reduced administrative burden.
        • Potential cost savings through economies of scale.
        • Outsourced fiduciary responsibility to the greatest degree allowed by law and help to mitigate fiduciary risk.
        • A robust investment lineup.
        • Participant educational tools and resources to help your employees attain the retirement readiness they deserve.
        • A team of experts to support the compliance and management of your plan.


What are the potential cost savings?

When comparing the potential costs of sponsoring a retirement plan on your own in the open market, participating employers may realize lower investment costs through aggregated assets, and reduced costs for document preparation, compliance testing, Form 5500 filing, and quarterly participant statements. In addition, we have negotiated a significant cost savings for companies that are subject to an annual audit. These companies will receive a comprehensive, individual audit with limited company involvement and time commitment.

It may seem obvious that the decisions made about a company retirement plan should be made with the participants’ best interests in mind, but the law makes clear who is acting as a “fiduciary” and legally responsible.

If you fail to meet your fiduciary responsibilities you may be personally liable for losses due to a breach.

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