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Whether you are a For Profit or Non Profit organization, sometimes the difference between hiring and retaining the best colleagues comes down to the type of retirement program you provide. Our retirement plan consulting team enjoys providing a positive experience by working closely with your retirement committee. We start with the basics of understanding your firm’s retirement plan philosophy, annual budget, employee demographics, and financial wellness needs. Based on this information, we will apply our 100+ years of retirement industry experience to customize your retirement program with the expectation of exceeding your goals. As an independent and conflict-free consulting firm, we partner with you by signing on to your plan as a Co-Fiduciary and thus have a vested interest in ensuring your plan is ERISA compliant.

Our Comprehensive Approach To Retirement Plan Consulting Focuses On 2 Areas

Plan Sponsor Services

    • Establish an Investment Committee
    • Educate the committee on Fiduciary Responsibility
    • Develop and implement an Investment Policy Statement (IPS)
    • Conduct Investment and Plan Administration reviews
    • Benchmark regularly to ensure competitive service and fees
    • Design and deliver a communications calendar and education program to improve plan metrics such as participation, savings, rates, diversification and lifetime income results
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Participant Services

    • Develop and implement an employee education program 
    • Conduct group education sessions 
    • Provide individual participant meetings to address the following:
      • Increased savings
      • Investment diversification/risk management
      • Beneficiary designations
      • Integration with other benefits when appropriate


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Innovative Offerings

Maximize Your TIAA Program 3.0

    • Streamline program administration
    • Significant record keeper cost-saving
    • Potential for better outcomes for legacy and group plan participants
    • The new TIAA Program is available exclusively with Sapers & Wallack
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Pooled Retirement Employer Plan – (PREP/MEP)


  • Simplify your retirement plan and save money
  •  Become a participating employer and join the 200+ companies that have already taken advantage of the same buying power historically only afforded to large institutions

  • Get access to lower investment costs and outsourced fiduciary responsibility and plan administration 

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Mitigating Downside Risk in the Market with Annuities and Life Insurance.


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