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Perhaps the best way to communicate about the importance of Long Term Care insurance is to share a personal story – my story. The story about the decline and ultimate death of my own father.

It’s hard to talk about something so private in such a context, but that’s the point—LTC insurance comes into play when such heightened, emotional decisions are needed, when life and death and saying goodbye to our loved ones are necessary.

Dad started to show signs of memory loss in his mid-sixties, but he wasn’t diagnosed with Alzheimer’s until his early seventies. As with most Americans in need of care, he was looked after at home for as long as possible, with my mom taking the primary role in answering his daily needs. About a year prior to his death (at age 77), he began showing symptoms of Stage 3 Alzheimer’s, and we knew it was time to start looking into an assisted care facility. The need was not yet acute, but we reserved a spot for him at a nearby facility, believing that we had planned and prepared for the future.

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