Doing well by doing good – Our team gives back to our community

It’s that time of year when snow falls, fires are lit, and families gather.  A time for reflection and community. As a family-run business, the spirit of the holidays gives us a chance to renew our commitment to one of our core beliefs: that we do well by doing good. “It is important, given the success we have had from helping our clients, to give back to our community,” says CEO Aviva Sapers, whose leadership in charitable initiatives trickles down to her team and inspires everyone to help out however they can.

This month, for example, Sapers & Wallack supported a family in need through The Home for Little Wanderers as part of their Big Wishes Gift Drive. Members of our team took time off from work to buy gifts and play Santa. We raised over $1,000 including Sapers & Wallack matching this donation.

Our team on a mission to make one family happy

When the holidays end and families scatter, we plan to continue our charitable work. In January we are volunteering with an organization called The Second Step that supports survivors of domestic violence by providing transitional housing and community-based programs. We will continue our charitable initiative encouraging participation throughout the company. In the words of Aviva Sapers, “It’s our family values that drive our family business.”

Charitable Giving is an important part of our business philosophy