Five Ideal Summer Action Items

Have you ever come home from a trip with a renewed perspective?  Sometimes the very activities designed to help us relax can also work to free the mind so we can more easily prioritize what needs to get done.  Here are five goals that can be great to achieve during the rest of the summer.  Click on each to learn more.

#1 Summer offers an ideal window during which to hire a tax preparer. If this is a task that has been gnawing at you, bite the bullet and do it! You’ll be thankful come next tax season that this necessary chore has been taken care of.  

#2 Summer is a time for re-evaluating whether you need long term care insurance, or at least learning more about it. Check out our long term care insurance page with a long term care shopper’s guide, tools, calculators and a webinar that walks you through all aspects of long term care insurance.  

#3 Summer is a time to take stock of whether you are fully engaged with your financial picture – or whether you have been letting your spouse or partner take the lead too often, for too long. Over the years, many women fall farther and farther behind in knowledge and familiarity with all things financial. 

#4 Summer is a good time to make sure your high school graduate has the right estate planning documents before heading off to college. To ensure students and their families are as prepared as possible for college life, it is necessary to set up an incapacity plan that includes a health care proxy, durable power of attorney and a HIPAA release.  

#5 Summer is a good time to evaluate your life insurance coverage. If you happen to have a lot of coverage through your group plan at work, take a look at how much you’re being taxed on that coverage.

Have a great summer and of course feel free to reach out if you need help with any of these initiatives.

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