Annuities Provide A Living Benefit And So Much More

For those looking for stable investment options that protect against drops in the market, but also allow for some growth potential, annuities are worth considering. Annuities provide a tax deferred investment option as well as guaranteed income payments for life in retirement. There are two different types of annuities to choose from: immediate and deferred annuities.

Annuities give you and income for life and tax-favored savings. They can help to diversify your portfolio and mitigate against any downside risk in the market. 

Deferred annuities come in many varieties: Fixed, indexed and variable. Each of these has different potential returns with varying levels of risk. However, you can add riders that provide downside protection on the more risky ones to provide the best of both worlds. We belive they are an excellent tool to supplement your retirement income and should be considered when planning for retirement.

We Can Teach You How To Not Outlive Your Income

Immediate Annuities

Immediate annuity
Purchased with a single premium (SPIA)
Has no accumulation period
Income payments begin within 12 months

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Deferred Annuities

Bought with single premium (SPDA) or
Flexible premiums (FPDA)

Has an accumulation period
Owner will decide when annuitization period will start

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Mitigating Downside Risk in the Market with Annuities and Life Insurance.


Retirement Planning

Determine you goals and build a plan to secure the future you envision.

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Every business and each family have different financial needs. However, there is a unifying goal for most of us: we want financial security.