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Insurance is used to protect against loss of income to a family. It is also used to provide a legacy to the next generation or the community and as a supplemental savings plan. We spend the time upfront to ask the right questions to determine your need and to be able to advocate for the most competitive underwriting offers from insurance companies. Our underwriting staff digs deep to collect necessary details and paint your picture in the best possible light, which is a tremendous competitive advantage in securing a suitable product and price to fit your unique circumstances.



Watch Aviva Sapers On Disability Coverage

Disability coverage is intended to mitigate the risk of unfortunate surprises in your working years and fill the gaps left in work-based policies. They safeguard your income flow. Watch Aviva Sapers discuss the importance of having the right coverage and how to find out if you have enough.

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Podcast Q&A

Aviva Sapers, CEO & President at Sapers & Wallack, answers questions about our November blog, Rethinking the Approach to Long-Term Care Insurance.


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