Leadership Lessons learned from Bill Belichick

The Superbowl excitement is behind us and we all celebrated the success of the New England Patriots during the famous Duckboat Parade.

The continuous success of this team is possible with a great leader at its helm: Bill Belichick. The way he leads and assembles a first class team year after year provides valuable lessons for me as a business leader and for many other executives who are faced with difficult decisions and the demand to lead effective and efficient.

Let’s look at 3 aspects of Belichick’s leadership style:

For him it is all about assembling the right team and putting the tools in place to enable success.  In a service business it is important to be organized so that your team can service clients efficiently and that they are trained to be persistent to get correct answers in a timely fashion. For the team to sustain success, there needs to be continued growth and learning.  Leaders need to find people with a quest for constant growth and knowledge.

Team members need to respect one another and be willing to learn from each other.  Teams with big ego’s end up throwing off the concept of team as they are more focused on themselves and not working as a team.  Working as a team is paramount and when you fill it with hard working smart players you are more likely to have success.

The final point is probably the hardest thing for companies to do as we don’t have recordings of all other companies in action.  However you can learn about the completion from asking new clients why they hired you and what was different from their previous provider.  You can review their service offerings from their websites or ask others who work with them.

We have always strived to hire smart people who share our core values and who get excited by helping other that has helped us succeed for 3 generations.