Medicare Support Service

New at Sapers & Wallack: Medicare Support Service

Sapers & Wallack is offering a new service to our clients and their employees.

The impact of the large number of baby boomers turning 65 has become a burden for many HR departments. This service provides a licensed advisor who is available to talk with employees one on one to counsel them on their Medicare options and rights. Onsite meetings can be arranged if you have several employees who need pre-retirement Medicare planning.


Some of the issues that are addressed in these meetings are as follows:

  • When should I apply for Part B?
  • Is a Supplement or Medicare Advantage plan best for me?
  • What’s the difference between those types of plans?
  • What is a Part D plan? Do I need a Part D plan?
  • What are my options for these plans?
  • Which hospitals and providers can I use?

To set up a call with our Medicare advisor please contact Fiona McKenzie at or call her at 617.225.2600.