Non-Profit Growth

During the downturn in the economy, the large non-profit sector was instrumental in helping to maintain jobs in the greater Boston area.  According to federal data, over 17% of all Massachusetts jobs come from the non-profit sector.  During the downturn, when most other businesses were downsizing or laying off workers, our non-profits created 16,765 jobs.* In the time of need for so many, these non-profits helped the out of work and financially precarious create stability when it was needed most, which in turn helped our state stabilize before most others.

For those of us who work in the for-profit sector, it is important to recognize and support the many non-profits in Massachusetts and elsewhere. They are vital to the overall health of our economy, but rarely receive the credit they deserve.  Support could come in the form of donations, volunteering, or it could mean offering employment opportunities within our own companies for those who are out of work and actively looking for employment.

One place where we at Sapers & Wallack strive to make a difference is in helping non-profits provide the best benefits they can afford to their employees.  Where we can stretch dollars to offer their staff better benefits for their families we do. Where we can help add intellectual capital and compliance knowledge as additional resources to the HR and finance teams, we do so as an extension of their team.  We offer ideas to development departments to try and help them raise more money.  Finally, we also educate many individuals on how to give more intelligently so that they can afford to give more financial support to organizations they care most about.  I ask that we all continue to support the non-profits of MA, and look for new ways where we might give back to those who have consistently helped to keep our economy strong.

*Boston Business Journal, Non-Profits are big business, July 1, 2016