Podcast Q&A: Merging Retirement Plans During M&A Transitions

Scott Tuxbury, Vice President, Retirement & Wealth Management at Sapers & Wallack, and Tanya Loranger-Egan, Co-owner and Managing Member 401(K) Plan Resources in New Hampshire, Resolution Property Management, answer questions about merging retirement plans during M&A transitions.


This podcast is 19 minutes long. If you prefer you can skip to the relevant question you would like to hear:

(00:45) Q1: What are the key initiatives that companies should think about prior to finalizing an M&A negotiation as it pertains to the retirement plans of both organizations?  

(07:05) Q2: What are the best practices for handling retirement plans in an M&A transaction and can you walk us through that process?  

(14:50) Q3: What is the difference between an Asset Sale and a Stock Sale, and why does that matter in the retirement industry?

Scott can be reached at stuxbury@sapers-wallack.com

Tanya can be reached

at Tanya@resolutionnh.com


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