Sapers & Wallack’s Karen Van Voorhis quoted in Bob Veres ‘Inside Information’

Sapers & Wallack’s Karen Van Voorhis quoted in Bob Veres ‘Inside Information

Karen Van Voorhis, Vice President of Wealth Management was recently quoted in the September 2016 of Bob Seger’s Inside Information newsletter. 

When discussing the karenvanvoorprocess of simplifying household finances, Karen takes on the role of household CFO for her clients, and that requires her to have all the financial data at her fingertips. “We describe it as the financial organization of a household,” she says, “and as you know, the administration of the finances of a household has been growing exponentially more complicated over the years.”

Karen sees the online organizer as the key to her service offering. “A lot of our clients are Millennials, who are all paperless and used to the idea of having us scan all their statements online,” she says. “Meanwhile, the 50- somethings are starting to see their lives become more complicated and, until we showed them eMoney, they had no easy way to get themselves organized in a way where everything is accessible. They’re wondering, what happens if something happens to me?”

She cites the example of a client who brought in a shoebox full of file folders. “I said: you win the prize,” says Karen. “In 21 years, you have given us the most information. The first thing he said to me is: are you going to put all this in the vault for me? Will I be able to see it in the vault? We sorted and scanned it all and saved in the eMoney system.”

Interestingly, the most enthusiastic eMoney users in Sapers & Wallack’s client roster are the newly-retired. “They have a little bit of time on their hands, and they think [the uploading] is fun,” she says. “They want to move away from paper files and organize and streamline everything.

Karen believes that an integrated online organizer with a financial planning program, like the eMoney offering at Sapers & Wallack, can provide a more complete picture of a household, and strengthen a deeper relationship between advisor and client.

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