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Charitable Strategies

Charitable Strategies

How do I tailor investments for maximum value?

What are the best strategies for minimizing risk?

Charitable Strategies, our newest division, is dedicated to helping charities more efficiently raise funds through planned giving and use creative techniques to obtain greater returns on their fixed value investments.

We work with non-profit organizations to deliver customized plans that increase returns while limiting risks.

Our advisory team helps non-profits offer and mitigate risk of charitable gift annuities and raise endowments for their institutions, both of which can add a tremendous boost to the cash flow of non-profit organizations.

Goals of our charitable strategies are:

  • Help Planned Giving Departments raise significant funds by better cultivating donors
  • Secure continuous planned giving donations
  • Seek to achieve greater return potential on fixed dollar products that guarantee principal
  • Provide potentially greater levels of useable income in a steady and predictable fashion
  • Mitigate high risk factors.

The Secret to Charitable Gift Annuities

Does your organization use Charitable Gift Annuities for fundraising? Sapers & Wallack can assist by showing you how to guarantee a profitable outcome.