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Retirement Plans

Retirement Plans

How can we be certain that our retirement plan best serves the needs of our workforce?

Have we benchmarked plan design and fees, analyzed investments and protected fiduciaries?

In uncertain financial times, companies offering a range of benefits to employees have the edge in hiring the best candidates.

Our team works closely with you to understand your corporate philosophy, goals and employee population. Based on this information, we work with you to design an effective retirement plan strategy.

As an independent investment advisor we partner with you by signing on to your plan as an ERISA Section3 (21) Fiduciary.

Our comprehensive approach to retirement plan consulting focuses on two distinct areas:

  1. Plan Sponsor Services as follows:
    • Form and establish an Investment Committee
    • Educate the committee on Fiduciary Responsibility
    • Develop and implement an Investment Policy Statement (IPS)
    • Conduct Investment and Plan Administration review
    • Benchmarking to ensure competitive service and fees
  2. Participant Services focus on employee outcomes as follows:
    • Design and deliver a communications calendar and education program to improve certain plan metrics such as participation, savings, rates, diversification and lifetime income
    • Develop education policy statement
    • Enrollment meetings
    • Education materials
    • Personalized participant advice


We were honored as Top DC Advisor firms by the National Association of Plan Advisors (NAPA) in 2017 for our diligent work to find the best solutions for our clients.