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What kind of insurance should I consider including as part of my financial plan?

How will my health condition impact my ability to qualify for insurance coverage?

For some people, insurance is simply a way to replace income lost through disability, infirmity, or death. For many of our clients however, their circumstances are complex and insurance is used to leave a legacy, pay taxes and as an alternative asset class.

Insurance is not a game of spreadsheeting. Finding the right product and fighting for the best possible offer for your needs is serious business.

We spend the time upfront to ask the right questions in order to advocate for you to get competitive underwriting offers from the insurance companies. Our underwriting staff digs deep to collect necessary details and paint your picture in the best possible light, which is a tremendous competitive advantage in securing a suitable product and price to fit your unique circumstances. As an independent advisor, our focus is you and not settling for the easy answer.

We treat you as a part of our family – with respect and kindness, keeping your needs paramount.

We now offer Medicare Support Service – visit our Medicare page to learn more.

Our in-house specialists create customized packages for you to build on insurance products including:

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