Nine Decades Together

Many of you have been with us over many decades.  During that time we have listened, learned, built, and adapted. However, one thing remains constant – your needs are still most important to us.

90 Years of Service

From a wide array of disciplines and experience, every member of our team values relationships and client-centric service. We consider our team an extension of our family where everyone is invested in each other. 

Building strong personal relationships with you, helps us customize our recommendations for your financial success.  Our passion is in designing resilient financial outcomes whether we’re working with you as a business or an individual.

Our diversified team of accredited professionals bring specific talents together to provide insight to all of your financial needs:

90 Years of History

For 90 years – lead by three generations of Sapers and Wallack family members – we have been dedicated to serving the needs of hundreds of clients throughout New England.

Abraham “Abe” Sapers started his career in insurance as a Sun Life Agent. He persuaded his son Bill to join him with Bill working as a sub-agent until he could be discharged from his service in the Korean War.

After his military services, Bill opened his own agency. The business grew quickly and Bill joined forces with his father again in 1958. Through his affiliation with New England Mutual, Bill’s friendship with Norman Wallack added another piece as it evolved into the joint venture that would become one of the most recognized, successful, and respected partnerships in the industry under the name, Sapers & Wallack. 

Soon after Abe’s retirement in 1975, the next generation joined the company, with Aviva Sapers, Bill’s daughter, and Ed Wallack, Norman’s son, taking up the mantle. Aviva and Ed worked their way up the ranks until taking over management positions alongside Bill.

Now an award-winning female-led business under Aviva’s leadership as CEO, the firm added a robust Wealth Management practice and expanded into P&C insurance via a close partnership with Hilb Group of New England. Combining the personalized customer service of a traditional company while modernizing the business for the digital age, Sapers & Wallack has continued to grow by offering holistic, independent financial advice for individuals and business clients.

Bill Sapers' Reflections

In December 2022 we lost a legend in the industry. We want to pay tribute to the wisdom and expertise of one of its greatest founders, Bill Sapers.

In his own words, this short video, made a short while before his passing, offers some of Bill’s reflections on nine decades of family business and why our clients are in good hands for the future.

90 Years With You!

We’ve been in business for 90 years and wanted to thank all of you who helped us get here. Here are some pictures of fun moments we’ve had together over the years. We look forward to updating this gallery with some new pictures the next time we see you!

A Message from Aviva

Over 30 years ago, I came into this business wanting to help people, to be my own boss, and to be able to make a living where I could support a family. Looking back, I have indeed been able to do all three things and have found it incredibly rewarding.

Being in business with my father has been an amazing experience.  He was one of the icons in the insurance business, an incredible salesman and a very smart, caring problem solver.  I have learned so much from him over the years – not only about the business but also about how to run a business and the importance of honesty, integrity and customer service.  His commitment to client service and push for creative and innovative solutions have been the foundation upon which I have continued to build our business. 

Working with Dad was also  fraught with challenges as well as rewards. I’ve learned to be more creative in finding ways to push ideas through and coopt agreement.  I have also garnered more input from my team which, I feel has empowered them to be more committed to each other and to the company  I am proud of the business we have created and sustained for 3 generations and look forward to the continued development of the next generation of leaders within.

The most profound change in the U.S. financial industry in recent years has been the growth of the internet. The worldwide reach of the internet has also led to mergers among financial services firms as they compete in an increasingly global marketplace. Here at Sapers & Wallack we have embraced these technological advances and use them to help service our clients and to enhance our relationships with new ways of connecting.  We are  committed to developing a lasting relationship with your organization and to be with you through every stage of your financial journey.

We have had many shifts in the business since it’s inception in 1932. The most recent was our partnership with The Hilb Group of New England to enhance our Employee Benefit offerings as well as to add their strong Property & Casualty  knowledge to our business in 2017. This partnership has enabled us to expand our suite of offerings.  We have also focused on growing our wealth management team and tied that in with our retirement advisory services.  At Sapers & Wallack, flexibility has always been our focus, and we continue to be innovative with our delivery of service to clients.

Running our family business after 90 years of continual service has helped me to gain perspective on the many challenges we have faced, from financial crises to pandemics, and has allowed me tomaintain a level of calm while rallying the team and others whom we rely on to push ourselves, support each other and to stretch our capabilities.

So, what lays in store for us in the years to come? Everything we do is to help protect families and employees and improve their financial futures.  Looking ahead, we will continue to grow our service to better support your changing needs. None of us can second-guess what the future may bring,  but I am very much looking forward to celebrating our centenary with you all in 2032!

Sapers & Wallack Through 90 Years

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