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Case Study: Oxfam – Customized Executive Benefit Solution

OXFAM AMERICA is a global nonprofit organization that works throughout 90 countries in an effort “to create lasting solutions to poverty, hunger, and social justice.”

In March 2012, Oxfam implemented the Executive Benefit Restoration Allowance plan to make the executive retirement benefits competitive. The plan design provided tax advantaged retirement vehicles within a budget but did not adequately speak to the wide age demographic of the organization.

Six months later, after receiving feedback from plan participants that these new retirement vehicles were difficult to understand and did not meet their needs, Oxfam America contracted Sapers & Wallack, Inc. (S&W) to redesign the plan.

Here is a case study outlining the details of this customized executive benefit restoration initiative.

After implementing, enrolling, and educating where necessary, Sapers & Wallack helped everyone get up and running. In response to the request for ongoing financial advice, S&W built in an option to utilize some of the budget to periodically revisit financial planning with plan participants. A dedicated case administrator helps with re-enrollment and the continued updating and revising of plan choices as life milestones are met.

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