The importance of values in today’s business world

During the development of our new branding and website, we had a lot of discussions about our company history and our approach to doing business.

Our firm has served hundreds of clients over the last 80 years. I was fortunate to observe the growth of the company under the leadership of my father Bill Sapers and Norm Wallack from my earliest childhood.

During this time, I learned many important life lessons from the two of them:

  • The importance of integrity.
  • The dedication to find the best possible solution for every client.
  • The treatment of our clients as family.
  • The true meaning of team work.
  • Having a great partner can make all the difference in the success of a company.

As the current leadership team at Sapers & Wallack, my partner Ed Wallack and I still carry these values. Together with my father, we’re leading our team with the strong belief that everything we do has to serve and benefit our clients.

We revisited our values during the re-branding processes. We discussed the meaning of integrity in today’s fast-paced business environment. We debated what it means to us to find the best solution. We remembered cases where we stood behind our clients as a family, helping them in difficult situations and fighting on their behalf.

All of this left me feeling good about who we are and what we must continue to do in order to succeed for another generation: To find the best employees around who share our values and to earn the respect to be a trusted partner of our clients.

What are the values you carry in your business? Have they changed over the years? Are we achieving our goals of delivering on our promises and being your trusted advisor? I would love to hear from you in the comments!

Aviva Sapers